More Good Reasons to Get an E-stand Now

Continuing from our previous awareness campaign, we wish to provide everyone with more reasons on why you should get an E-stand now, while stocks last:

  • LEADS TO HEALTHIER WORKING — The E-stand will definitely help you avoid health disorders caused by long work hours such as backache, neck pain and stiffness. None of us can help sitting long hours in the same posture so an E-stand would be invaluable and may even be used in conjunction with a regular desk if you choose to work while standing.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE CONSTRUCT: As discussed in our recent article on what makes the E-stand material special, it has a sturdy science-based construct and may even be used to lift heavy items such as printers, big laptops, or desk organizers, all the while occupying such a small space.
  • TRUE ENGINEERING AT ITS FINEST: The E-stand is a true marvel of engineering which comes with its very own anti slip rubber material at its bottom parts and additional detachable cup holders and mouse pad support in landscape mode.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with the all-new e-stand. Get it now!

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