Best Reasons to Get a Limited Edition E-stand Before The Campaign Ends

We’ve tackled on many reasons to get a Limited Edition E-stand while stocks last and with the campaign nearing its end in less than three weeks, the best has yet to come:


Whether you choose the natural wood, dark or light platinum, the E-stand will undoubtedly be an ideal table for everyday use. Not only does it have easily foldable legs that make it easy to store in narrow places such as under the bed, or in between furnitures, it’s also basically just a sturdy portable desk that is easy to carry around. With extreme portability, you can have your food, drinks, or laptop with you at the comforts of either bed or couch as you rest or work from home.


Spending a long time using your laptop is a sure way to get neck and shoulder pain, but the solution is easier than it seems. This laptop table desk also comes with the option to adjust the angle of the surface, so that you can lift your laptop to a better viewing and writing level. You can now work (or binge-watch, we don’t judge) comfortably at your bed, couch, or standing desk without damaging your physical health.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with the all-new e-stand. Get one now!

LIMITED EDITION! Pre-order now while stocks last!

Official Kickstarter page:

Only on Kickstarter.

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Operations Manager of HealthCare Family

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