HealthCare Family’s LightSaber Screen Mount is not a one trick pony! It can be mounted on any PC monitor or laptop screen without problem via its in-built dual damping bracket with pure silicone cushion to make sure it doesn’t scratch your expensive screens in any way. …

We at HealthCare Family created the LightSaber Screen Mount to provide a more innovative way to light up computer desktops via Display Space Light Source Technology. We aimed at improving atmospheric lighting in and around your screen at the same time, allowing for a more exceptional gaming experience like nothing…

In the current world of IoT (Internet of Things), one can say that working and gaming have been almost inseparable from computers in our day-to-day lives, but most people have yet to think about how this affects eye care.

As we are spending more and more time on screen, a…

Hello everyone!

We’re happy to announce that the First Official Promotional Video for HealthCare Family’s Vadur 360 Shield Hoodie has finally been completed and is now up on our newly re-launched Kickstarter page:


  • Fully Hand-made.
  • Full 360° head protection.
  • With 100% Cotton Fiber.
  • And High-durability Plastic Zipper.
  • Using a…

Hello Everyone!

We are happy to announce and make official the newly upgraded sizes of HealthCare Family’s Vadur 360 Back-braced Shield Hoodie in this our re-launch! Specifically, its accompanying TLSO back brace sizes are now as follows:

Nowadays, TLSO (Thoracolumbosacral) back-braces have become a common innerwear for most people to…

HealthCare Family has yet again created another washable and reusable product to both combat the growing wastes and landfill caused by one-time use products, as well as provide a more fashionable, stylish & trendy alternative with a newly launched Kickstarter Campaign: The Vadur 360 Back-braced Shield Hoodie. …

Simple to adjust and fold brings you endless possibilities in different angles!

  • The E-stand is simply just a pretty convenient tool to use anywhere, at anytime. You have the option to adjust the height of the top stand where you can put a laptop or any other material and by using its portable legs with adjustable angles, you can position it in whatever way you prefer best at your own convenience.

LIMITED EDITION! Pre-order now while stocks last!

Official Kickstarter page:

Only on Kickstarter.

Like and follow our Social Media pages for more updates:




Open to resellers and partner distributors. Feel free to message us on or send us an email at

We’ve tackled on many reasons to get a Limited Edition E-stand while stocks last and with the campaign nearing its end in less than three weeks, the best has yet to come:


Whether you choose the natural wood, dark or light platinum, the E-stand will undoubtedly…

At around 0:23 and 0:40 seconds into the preview, you will be able to see our first prototype which we took for our first photoshoot but please take note that this is not yet the final product. …

Continuing from our previous awareness campaign, we wish to provide everyone with more reasons on why you should get an E-stand now, while stocks last:

  • LEADS TO HEALTHIER WORKING — The E-stand will definitely help you avoid health disorders caused by long work hours such as backache, neck pain and…

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